Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who Am I ?

A difficult question to answer because I’m not really not sure well I’m an ordinary guy just starting my practical life with a lot of expectations & hopes .
I’m not an artist & I’m not talented & I’m not wise enough I’m a normal human being ,was born someday & going to die someday. life is too short & it is frustrating ,but I live it enjoying the beautiful moments & try to never give up when it is really dark . trying to love as much as I can & hate as less as I can . I may be Lonely although I’m not alone .
I’ve always been wondering what really lies beyond ,am I good enough to face it ,what are my limits whether I’m a talker or a doer ,am I walking in the right path or in the wrong one , am I a good friend or an unworthy one , I really wonder who am I ?

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Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

" I may be Lonely although I’m not alone ."

heeeee... i got whole lota quotations out of your blog for one day..... :-)

unfortunatly, i won't b able to help u my friend to know who r u..
for i don't know even myself to talk..
all i got is to walk n walk.. u 2 should walk..
may b we'll meet ourselves someday..