Saturday, January 28, 2006

Together here tonight

Two hearts , two souls, two minds
Together here tonight
To prove how much we care
A beautiful love we share
Although it’s been a long road
It seems now too short
For now we’re so close
These long walks we had
The smiles & the whispers we said
Moments which are a life time
A dream which is so true
& now I promise you
No matter how dark it gets
No matter how long it takes
I’ll love & cherish you
I’ll take care of you
I’ll be you
Our loved ones are here around us
Love & care surrounds us
For now it’s time my love
The two of us eternally one

Specially dedicated for M & R For their Engagment, May God Bless u always

Sometime Somewhere

I wrote this one a while ago

Where have you been
I’ve been waiting for you
I tried reaching you
but now it is too late
for I’m back
back in the ring again
I thought I saw it in you
Something so beautiful & pure
But now it’s too late
Now I must do things
I must feel things
I may have lost myself
Somewhere between here & then
Is this my fate
Or am I just dreaming
Is this my path
Or am I deluding
May be it’s my fault
or am paying the price
Things I did
Things I should have
Life sometimes is so strange
So sour when u taste it
Beautiful when u see it
I’m burning inside
I need to shout
I need to cry
Torn by different thoughts
Must I kill my heart
& live like a machine
dead but alive
a soul that is so dry
why is it that
when u need
there is always a sacrifice
when u fall
u must pay the price
although it seems now so dark
we must foresee what’s ahead
I believe its true
the mind isn’t too wise
the soul isn’t too blind
A heart will always shine
Fate will never seize
Nor destiny will ever ease
To render us so vulnerable
Weak may be true
Yet hope & light are reborn
To give us 2nd chances
Don’t ever hesitate
Do what u have to do
& be sure
we’ll be together
sometime somewhere

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Sad Story

When I was a young boy
I had a couple of friends
Together we used to play
Lots of joy & tons of fun
Having a jolly time now & then
Fate played its game
& we went in different ways
Where are they now ?
A question
I wish I knew it’s answer
A story repeats itself
Every now & then
That’s why I’m afraid
Someday its gonna be
Our turn my friends
I hate farewells
I hate goodbyes
I wish we could
Always be together
But eventually
Whether we liked or not
We’ll go in different ways
With a promise
God willing in the end
We’ll be together forever

سائح في دنيا الله

A couple of months ago I got a book as a gift from a, very dear person to my heart ,but I didn’t get the chance to read it except this week. The writer who is a known journalist who pasted away recently may God bless him with his mercy “Mr. Abd Al Wahab Metawe3”,speaks about his experience through his life in traveling to different countries all over the world ,his writings is very simple with a very loveable story telling attitude all through the book .All through the 310 pages I read non stop I felt as I were experiencing the different journeys mixing with different cultures in a very knowledgeable but amusing experience .What really caught me off my foot were the 3 last chapters ,the 1st talking about his first visit to Al Masged Al Haram in way that nearly made me cry ,the 2nd one talking about how difficult are farewells specially to people who u really like which hit me so hard cause I my self hate goodbyes & I quote
" صاحب كما شئت فأنت مفارق".
the 3rd is about how loved ones react ,feel & do in moments of goodbyes so overwhelming emotions , wooow. This book is a must read .


Do u have a vision in life ? An important question to be answered ,but before we answer it , u need to know a couple of things who u really are?, what are u capable of ?, what do u really want ? , where do u stand now?, where do u wanna go ? What is the purpose of your lie? . if you know these facts ? r u really sure ? If u r not really sure then your vision will eventually fall apart. When you know the answers sincerely then u can have a vision & u can make it come true one day .since good created this world billions & billions of people lived & died, most of them forgotten & faded away .only those who had a true vision still stand high above although they are gone ages ago ,so do u have a vision ?
A comment on z talk episode about visions 5/1/2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Friend

It’s been a couple of years since I first knew you ,I remember back then although you were the youngest among us ,you were always ahead of ur age ,active , social , a good contributor, always siding to the right side, & u’ve got a very nice sense of humor. As time passes by most of us got engaged in his own life , u grew older & wiser & life as it did on us all left some imprints of gloom on u which molted that talent of yours into a very inspiring talent indeed giving you more creditability & realism ,Well I have this little statement my friend ; it’s been wonderful having a friend like you ,although we never met but knowing u really made a difference in my life reading ur blog sometimes makes my day, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY may GOD bless u & grant u success ,wisdom & true happiness,
Shine on ,
Ur Bro