Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life “part four”

Relations, relations ,why are they important? if u think of it & you have imagination you will notice we are all connected someway or the other in a network of relations like a sphere each of us is surrounded with a sphere with us in the center with other spheres dissecting it at different levels whether vertical or horizontal or may be just tangent or not even touching each other .theses spheres are always in a continuous state of change whether in size, direction or speed we may be moving parallel to each other or towards or away from each other some spheres are so solid while others are too fragile that a minor collision may throw it out of its way towards nowhere ,the more close we are & the more the number of spheres that are connected together the solider we are & vice versa the less the number & the furthest the distance the weaker we are just as we learnt in physics about the solid, fluid & gaseous states of matter. The quote “together we stand , divided we fall” really applies here.

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