Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life “part two”

So life is about relationships , & relationships are about connections which goes both way . one of the most important relationships is your relationship with God .Did u ever think about this relationship?, Is it existing ? Is it good or bad ? do u feel connected some people say they are believers but they only say it they do not feel it, have you ever felt like God is watching you ? Did you stop doing something wrong because you remembered that God is watching you ? Did you really feel that God cares about you ?Do you really love God more than everything even yourself ? Do you really feel it in your heart ? Have you ever cried for something you said or done then you realized that it was wrong ? questions & much more you must think about it & answer it frankly . we all feel lonely sometimes but if we are really connected we never will . Dr Mustafa Mahmoud in one of his books talked about this connection stating that it is the love as pure as it can be, the love to where we belong, to the beginning , the yearning of the soul to its creator .

Your relationship with yourself is a very critical one . It is a very complex relationship because it needs fine balance . a personality consists of a lot of needs, a lot of restrictions, a lot of dreams, a lot of fears, a lot of beliefs, desire, rage, faith & love all mingled together in different ratios that differ from person to person & from time to time always liable to change as a person moves along in the stream of life , a very unique equation which makes each one of us unique ,what really counts is our ability to keep z balance & adapt to the changes that surround us ex; we need to love ourselves but not too much to z extent of selfishness & not too little to z extent of low self esteem, without being frank to ourselves, about who we really are ; we wont find our inner peace, to know what we really want ? what we can really do? what do we want in life ? Be connected to yourself , as blueberry said “live life to learn about yourself” to know thy self.