Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life “part one”

I’ve been thinking about life; it is really strange, if u stand back & watch you’ll be amazed how things are happening, how some people are living in such fatal trivialities will others are really so gloomy taking more burden than they can carry ,others are living it day by day no plans just going along the stream while others are actually are really doers, they plan ahead, they take decisions, state their opinions, really making a difference & others & other. some people tend to live alone while others want to live in groups when u ask someone what does he want from life he usually mentions items like; a good job , a good house , a suitable husband or wife , a lot of money , being famous .
Rarely you may hear things like living happily , being in good health, going to heaven freeing the occupied lands , be from those who’ll bring back the long lost glory of our Islamic nation & so on .
A third group of people may answer; a good meal a good night sleep or even they may say nothing at all .
The first group of answers are materialistic & short termed .The second group of answers tend to be more long termed & idealistic .The third group of answers are either from satisfaction or indifference , but in my opinion life is all about relationships; your relationship with
God The Almighty , your relationship with yourself , your relationship with your family, friends, spouse, colleges & any other people you may meet in your life its is the true key to everything “relationships”


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