Friday, February 17, 2006

Is this love ?

It’s Valentine once again ,Love is all around ;well I do hope so .I see all kinds of gifts looking so lovely ,I see couples hanging out together ,very passionate words in cards or messages. Is this love ?. & if it is love is it true ?’ Will it last forever?
Is love what we feel when we see someone so unique , so beautiful , so perfect through our eyes . Is it how our hearts goes upbeat when we are with them & we want to be with them forever .
Have you ever wondered when u see an old couple barely able to walk so in love together so caring about each other .how heart broken they become when one of them is gone ,how much they cherish this partner & how has his memorizes live forever . That’s true love that conquered time & age , true love that came through the huge waves of life the ups & the downs .love that saw through into the soul & gave no account for the looks ,love that its seed grew into the love & admiration of their children whom grew up seeing how much their parent loved & supported each other .
I saw couples whom had many differences & even no love at the beginning but they knew the qualities that matters when they choose each other .The seed grew into a beautiful fragile plant which kept on growing & growing till it became an elegant tree full of shining roses .
Never love the outside but love the inside the soul ,the moralities & the living conscious ,love the religious virtues & the deeds .nobody is perfect even if he\she is your soul mate there is never never a perfect soul mate there are always defects & that’s where love gets in to fill in the gaps to melt the two souls in one mould

Do not hesitate if you really love someone in the true love sense; go for it 7 don’t hesitate or be afraid however you see it difficult & far .For u may regret it all your life & together step by step you will together overcome whatever comes. May your love last forever more.

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