Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Evil eye

a comment on "Talk to me" topic for this week
We must admit it exists because it does, but the tricky part is how to deal with it .we can’t refer every unfortunate event to it cause it will be meaningless. if we see the big picture ; it’s all fate ,What is meant to happen will happen whatever the cause whether it is the evil eye or misfortune or negligence or whatever So we must go on doing what we do but trying not hurt other people feelings specially if they don’t have what we have, trying to help them out & sharing what we have is a very advanced &merciful stage it’s one of the most basic morals that The Islamic religion teaches us .of course there are some verses from our Holy Quran & some prayers Our beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمtaught us.
Another tricky part is about satisfaction not being envious ourselves .its ok to look up to things wishing we had them, working & praying for them but not sitting back crying wishing that those who we envy become deprived from what they have. & there is also a simple word we must say when we see something so eye capturing or makes us jealous & envious ما شاء الله . Simply it’s all about self satisfaction & being thankful for what we have from one side & having faith, believing in fate & being passionate & considerate from the other side.