Friday, November 04, 2005

to loose someone

It’s a really tough experience to lose someone u love, someone near, someone who means a lot 2 u but this is life. When u come to think about it u may think of death but u may also loose him to life.
U may loose a friend or a fiancé or any other dear person to life ,you may disagree. you may go separate ways & unfortunately it may be a one way street. It really hurts a lot but when u try to remember the good times, the splendid experience & how when u really needed support, They gave u more than u needed. The pain & the bitterness gradually fades away & all you've got left is a
splendid memory, a memory that may make u happy when you are sad .

The same thing may happen when u loose someone to death, we feel so sad & very weak ,we miss those who are gone very very much ,we wish we could say things that must have been said & do things that must have been done &
we are afraid of what’s beyond

Take a moment & think about it , look to the other side of death, what is death ? its being transferred from the mortal life to another life, its a gate to what lies beyond.

I read it once & still remember it, A day of Gods days is 10000 yrs of ours, so if an average human lives 70 yrs it makes about nothing from Gods time ; a few seconds no more. So life is just a glance, like a test u either succeed or fail.
that’s really what life is........ a test; simply a test ; a really tricky test

We all feel sad for missing people we love but we shouldn't hate death because its only a means to the other side. We must know that those who died don’t leave us but they are still here through us ,through their memories in our hearts through what they taught us through what we learned from them ; their continuation is through our life & What we'll teach our sons & what our sons will teach their sons & so on. Not only is it related to relatives or friends , a total stranger can give u a glance, a push that may really make a big difference through out your life
so let us all pray for all of our loved ones whom we miss very much & cherish very much may God bless them & Guide us to the right pass ,yes we are living in hard times, so be it . lets make the best out of it.

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