Friday, November 25, 2005

Just Another Day

Sitting on the floor
leaning by the wall
The radio is on
But your not really listening
It’s been a long boring day
You’ve been doing the same things
All over & over again
The warmth of the setting sun
A smooth breeze holding u
The sky so amazing so beautiful
A sight so beautiful
A sight u may see everyday
A friend comes along
Asking what are you doing
U simply say
I’m just sitting for a while
A soft tune starts to play
So soft so Sad
It makes you wanna cry
I’m sitting all alone
Missing u missing u all
My friends , my family
My life , I miss who I was
Wondering what’s next down the road
A lot of hopes
A lot of dreams
A lot of fears
A gush of different emotions
Whirling inside my chest
What’s good & what’s the best
A small bird glides slowly beside you
So small & full of life
So innocent so free
It slowly disappears
U think
It’s so nice to be free
To fly so high
& as long as you try
Nothing is too high
The sun is gone
But sure to come
A day will be born
After the silence of the night
Shining stars sparkling all over
Tiny glimpses of hope
Someday Somewhere
It’s time to sleep
To dream , To seek
For tomorrow
Is a brand new day


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

Ag, is it a song or ur own words?!
its very inspiring :)

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souldry said...

ya it is mine blue thx for the comment

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