Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sometime Somewhere

I wrote this one a while ago

Where have you been
I’ve been waiting for you
I tried reaching you
but now it is too late
for I’m back
back in the ring again
I thought I saw it in you
Something so beautiful & pure
But now it’s too late
Now I must do things
I must feel things
I may have lost myself
Somewhere between here & then
Is this my fate
Or am I just dreaming
Is this my path
Or am I deluding
May be it’s my fault
or am paying the price
Things I did
Things I should have
Life sometimes is so strange
So sour when u taste it
Beautiful when u see it
I’m burning inside
I need to shout
I need to cry
Torn by different thoughts
Must I kill my heart
& live like a machine
dead but alive
a soul that is so dry
why is it that
when u need
there is always a sacrifice
when u fall
u must pay the price
although it seems now so dark
we must foresee what’s ahead
I believe its true
the mind isn’t too wise
the soul isn’t too blind
A heart will always shine
Fate will never seize
Nor destiny will ever ease
To render us so vulnerable
Weak may be true
Yet hope & light are reborn
To give us 2nd chances
Don’t ever hesitate
Do what u have to do
& be sure
we’ll be together
sometime somewhere


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