Friday, January 13, 2006

سائح في دنيا الله

A couple of months ago I got a book as a gift from a, very dear person to my heart ,but I didn’t get the chance to read it except this week. The writer who is a known journalist who pasted away recently may God bless him with his mercy “Mr. Abd Al Wahab Metawe3”,speaks about his experience through his life in traveling to different countries all over the world ,his writings is very simple with a very loveable story telling attitude all through the book .All through the 310 pages I read non stop I felt as I were experiencing the different journeys mixing with different cultures in a very knowledgeable but amusing experience .What really caught me off my foot were the 3 last chapters ,the 1st talking about his first visit to Al Masged Al Haram in way that nearly made me cry ,the 2nd one talking about how difficult are farewells specially to people who u really like which hit me so hard cause I my self hate goodbyes & I quote
" صاحب كما شئت فأنت مفارق".
the 3rd is about how loved ones react ,feel & do in moments of goodbyes so overwhelming emotions , wooow. This book is a must read .

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