Saturday, June 13, 2015

Living as a stranger

Bright lights, buzzing cars,people rushing every where.  Life can be very hectic and bedazzling. Work everyday, finish exhausted, inpatient to get through to the weekend. Social activities you want to do as seeing friends and family but not having enough time to do everything gives you an inner ache; feeling you should have done more. You do what you can and you keep running and running just to try to keep up but in the end you loss who you are anf feel as if you are a stranger. Look at the mirror; who's that starring at you? You don't recognise yourself. A bitter feeling in your mouth. You swallow it and keep on running. Wait close your eyes for a couple of minutes. Relax and imagine you are at this beautiful  blue sea with white sand. Take a deep breath of this fresh breeze. Open your eyes and continue running.

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