Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We spend a lot of time talking, wishing and dreaming
Yet we never have time to actually do it till the end
They have planned , executed and we helped them as well
when will we read our history and  learn from our mistakes

Its now or never ever again
stop attacking the puppets and seek the puppeteers
behind hidden curtains they reside, playing and laughing
it's not just the young  versus the old guards
it's a nation being born or buried in the sand
it's not our future but the sunshine on this helpless land

whatever are our differences whoever we turn out to be
it all comes down to no simpler than these
united we stand, divided we fall

all we have to do is start doing as much as we can
put our hands together , standing back to back
Pray to Allah The Almighty help us, guide us to the right path
whatever comes next is our destiny
generations to come will read it in history
that we did our best to change
we fought and  gave the juice of our hearts
so that someday this nation may shine so bright

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