Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Men & women

God almighty created us in pairs so it is the same basis whether a woman/man seeks a man/woman. It’s a number of criteria which reflects who we are .these criteria are either material or virtual wise.

So are men a pack of wolves seeking beauty & the physical part, Ya in some cases but any average minded man knows that beauty fades away & might in fact be a curse . From the physical part a man needs to like his partner & that is easy & in fact is only a small part of what he needs & Is also important for the woman .

So let us disregard the man versus the woman concept & ideology & look at it from a pure personality perspective.

Generally we all need a respecting supportive personality cherishing loving personality capable of sharing & self development not a self centered & consuming type .

How do we find this personality ?
It’s simply we seek the criteria not the person .seek religion not only as rituals but as morals & concepts as a 1st step , then a common aim in life what do u both want in the end .Followed by that is the stage of putting effort ,making bilateral compromises & being ready to give before taking .
With the previous criteria present compatibility is created & love is born in a very rich environment & the small plant becomes a strong & beautiful tree ;
a tree of life

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